Some participants’ feedback on workshops for junior scientists

Optimizing Communication Workshop

(International Postgraduate Program,
Biomedical Sciences at University of Ulm)

"Excellent workshop, important basic topics covered, helpful list of key speech functions.”

"No doubt the workshop will help me in my future career and improve my communication skills.”

"Andrea, thank you very much for a very nice workshop!”

"Very good contents, good tutoring, good atmosphere.”

Presenting Professionally Workshop

(Uni Würzburg, International Graduate School,
Graduate School of Life Sciences)

"Extremely helpful workshop!”

"Really good was the work on our own presentation – and it was good to know that in advance so one could prepare! The section on question and answer was very helpful!”

"Handouts were very helpful, especially the suggestions of how to confer messages and give signals to the audience.”

"Very good ideas that help to structure the next talk better and leave out too many unimportant notes. Thanks.”

"Workshop was very close to everyday life, things you really need to know, very nice and friendly atmosphere, good examples chosen, I learned a lot. Perfect!”