All training is tailor-made to the individuals’ own needs. A maximum of 8 to 12 participants per 1 to 2.5 day workshop guarantees a maximum outcome.
The workshops will be held on-site at the location of the client.

Training Approach

There is no "ultimate formula” for optimizing communication skills.

A highly competitive international working environment with scientists of various cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds requires an individualized, interactive training approach in order to guarantee the best possible outcome for every single participant investing their valuable time.

Therefore, all Effective Communication Skills Workshops are tailored to the individual needs of the participants with the aim of facilitating optimal training results in a minimum of time.

Involving workshop participants actively into the learning process triggers a collaborative spirit with a focus on meeting the individual needs and solving problems together.

The trainer’s aim is to enable participants to master communication challenges independently, competently and self-confidently.

The development of the target group-oriented, tailor-made workshops does not only draw on well-known concepts and the latest models to be found in the international literature on professional communication but is also based on case studies.

These case studies enable the trainer to analyze individual scenarios and thus provide individualized training schemes with a focus on epistemic procedures and taking into account the cognitive and affective dimensions of individual communication.

All participants receive a copy of the ICCON-handout©, a comprehensive summary of the topics covered, so that participants can fully concentrate on the training process and their own skills development.