Trainer’s Background

Andrea Roos is a communication consultant, trainer, translator and editor with over 15 years of professional experience in various internationally oriented communication scenarios in both private industry and the public sector.

She was born in Germany and has a university background in the human sciences (M.A. Theaterwissenschaft, Uni Erlangen-Nuernberg). She is also a certified translator (University of Cambridge) and has a degree as a foreign language correspondent (English) with special focus on international business relations. She lived and worked in the USA (Chicago, Illinois) and Canada (Toronto, Ontario) for 1.5 years.

Her first experience as a trainer came early on during her university education when she worked as a cross-cultural communication trainer for the American army in Bavaria.

Since then she has been actively supporting and training numerous professionals in the craft of better communication.

In addition to her translator and editor activities for the media and management consultancy sector, she has worked for numerous international companies, such as Philips AG, Siemens AG and Grunenthal GmbH. Andrea Roos is also an honorary member of the examination committee for English at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Aachen, Germany.

Finally, she also has experience of working with students enrolled in international PhD programs.

Andrea Roos is dedicated to using her communication expertise and know-how along with her extensive trainer experience to promote better communication in the workplace.